Software Application Developer

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Full-stack software developer building apps that enhance typical, every-day experiences.

My passion is around mobile technology. I began my career as a front-end mobile UI developer, but have transitioned to the middle-tier and backend the past few years.

I currently work on Yapta's FareIQ admin portal, alerting businesses of savings on air spend.

  • Java, Spring, Hibernate
  • Python, Django, SQLAlchemy
  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • iOS Cocoa Touch


Graduated with BSEE


Lead Developer


Co-Founded QThru


Director of Development


 Senior Software Developer
 Yapta, Inc.

  •  Working on administrator portal for FareIQ, notifying businesses of potential savings on air spend.
2013 - present
 Director of Development, Co-Founder
 QThru, Inc.

  •  Managed team of 5 full-stack developers running Agile Scrum on 2-week sprints. 80% unit test code coverage and automated continuous integration process.
  •  Created and maintained RESTful web service APIs that service our mobile, web, and point-of-sale clients. Marshalled JSON/XML request and responses using Spring MVC framework.
  •  Integrated with 3rd party API providers including Foursquare, Facebook, Food Essentials, and Braintree Payments.
  •  Assisted with development of QThru iOS application for shoppers.
  •  Built C# agents to integrate with ISS45 and BRData point-of-sale software.
2012 - 2013
 Software Developer

  •  Led team of 3 developers, creating BlackBerry Management Center, a cloud-based device management application geared towards small and medium businesses.
  •  Developed and supported highly available cloud services for 30+ million BlackBerry email subscribers with 99.9% availability.
  •  Developed on-premise mobile device management application for iOS and Android device administration.
  •  Rewrote carrier administrative tool for BlackBerry Internet email integration, lowering support costs and customer wait times.
2007 - 2012
 Software Developement Engineer

  •  Member of Microsoft Research team developing smart wearable technology.
  •  Created J2ME and Windows ME mobile applications to display weather, news, and sports on Nokia and HTC devices.
  •  Built extensible mobile framework to dynamically create and remove client ‘channels’ over-the-air.
  •  Designed and implemented presentation layer for Java and C# mobile phone application.
2006 - 2007
 Software Systems Engineer

  •  Developed C++ application for rendering AAC, MP3, MPEG4, and H.264 codecs on an ARM platform.
  •  Built a 3G integration environment for wireless protocols including WiFi, WiMax, UWB, and Bluetooth.
2005 - 2006

 Bachelor of Electical Engineering
 University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

  •  Minors in Computer Science and Business
  •  President of Taiwanese-American Students Association
2001 - 2005
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Jonathan has a very strong mix of people, leadership, and technical skills that is rare in the tech industry.

- Chris Lira


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